acoustic classic rock
acoustic classic rock

Songauswahl :

  1. After Midnight

  2. Chasing Cars

  3. Heart of gold

  4. old man

  5. The joker

  6. Dead or alive

  7. I m on fire 

  8. Cuts like a knife

  9. summer of 69

  10. Weather with you 

  11. Imagine  

  12. Let it be  

  13. Aint no sunshine 

  14. The weight

  15. Cocaine

  16. Come together 

  17. Day Tripper 

  18. White room

  19. Straight from the heart

  20. Tears in Heaven 

  21. wonderful tonight

  22. Bed of Roses 

  23. Lass uns leben 

  24. Ich bin wieder hier

  25. Am I wrong

  26. Hole hearted

  27. I see fire

  28. Is this love

  29. Hymn

  30. Message in a bottle

  31. Free falling 

  32. Halleluja 

  33. Locomotive breath

  34. Smoke  on the water

  35. Knocking on Heavens door

  36. Johnny walker

  37. give a little bit

  38. Behind Blue eyes

  39. Rebel yell 

  40. Dicke 

  41. Whats up 

  42. Purple rain 

  43. Nothing else matters

  44.  Layla

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Cohen Leonhard Tom Petty Police Sting Barclay James Harvest Neil Young Whitesnake Ed Sheeran Extremo Keb Mo

JJ Cale Steve Miller Band Bon Jovi Beatles John Lennon
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Harry Stingl & 

Ulf Gottschalk


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